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Q: What is Centurion?

A: It is a diagnostic system that will allow you to diagnose and test all actuators*, and will speed up your diagnostic process. It is the most complete diagnostic tool you will ever need for Harley Davidson motorcycles with Magneti Marelli, Delphi, or VDO control units.

Q: Why use Centurion?

A: You will have at your hand OEM level diagnostics, the ability to test ABS components, marry TSSM modules, re-program radios, calibrate speedometers and many more functions* that were only available at the dealership. It will also allow you to record data for reference.

Q: Why does the TSSM 'marry' function not work the first time when replacing a TSSM with a TSM module?

A: As with all procedures, you must click "OK" after the procedure has been performed. This way you are telling the software you have already 'done it'. If you click before you do the task, the software will think it's done.

Q: Why can't you log in Centurion as you do with Mobile Dyno?

A: The logging in Centurion would interfere with the logging function in DirectLink and you could by accident 'load' data that was used for diagnostics with a malfunction.

Q: Do I need the adapter for diagnostics?

A: No, not for diagnostics. However, we recommend you leave it attached so you don't lose it.

Q: What do the DTCs mean?

A: The DTCs are a short description of the issue. It is your responsibility to find the real problem.

Q: Why don't you have procedures in your software?

A: This is a very complicated undertaking and we are working on a solution.

Q: I can't find mV for my TPS reading for my Ducati with IAW59M or IAW5AM. Why?

A: It's a function the OEM doesn't make available.

Q: Why don't you have an 'Immobilizer disable' with your tool?

A: Many owners who want this feature don't have the 'Code Card' or 'Red Key' which are needed for the procedure.

Q: How often should I update my software?

A: At least once a month. For instructions on how to find your software's version information, click here.

Q: What operating system do you recommend?

A: We recommend using Windows 7 Professional, either 32 bit or 64 bit; Windows is phasing out Windows XP and we follow the evolution path. If you have Windows Vista, please perform a full upgrade to Windows 7 Professional.

Q: Is your software Mac compatible?

A: You can run it on a Mac if you use a 'Windows parallel application' to enable Windows based software to run on Mac OS.

Q: Will you expand your line of products to other brands?

A: We are working on this.

Q: Why can't I change the gauges colours?

A: We are working on this feature.

Q: Where can I find more information?

A: Try our Centurion manual or troubleshooting guide.

Q: I have installed my Centurion/DirectLink software, but when I want to use DirectLink it does not find the port. What should I do?

A: Open up your Device Manager and check to see if the LPT/COM port has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside. If this is the case, you are going to have to reinstall the USB driver from the CD or download it from the website.

Q: The map I downloaded for a tune was "too rich" or "too lean". Why?

A: Remember, all bikes are unique. We provide starter maps that we feel fit a majority to help get a tuner as close as possible. However, you may have to tune (or tweak) the bike/map further for the best custom results. Perfect beats close when it comes to your or your customers ride.

Q: The Socio connects to the bike but I am getting weird/inaccurate readings. Why?

A: Has the ECU been re-flashed? Was the bike "jump started"? If a yes is the answer to one or both questions, the system may not be able to get accurate readings from the ECU. Many times the coding used to "reflash" an ECU is different to the OEM coding and if the bike was "jump started", the ECU might have been exposed to an electrical surge.

Q: I am trying to connect to a Magneti Marelli ECU equipped motorcycle, but the Socio doesn't connect and I get a prompt stating "communications with the module is impossible". What can I do?

A: If this is happening, the system will prompt you to turn ON the ignition and click OK on your system. You can trick the system by first clicking OK and then turning ON the ignition. This should often solve the issue. If this method doesn't solve the issue, check the bike's wiring and/or make sure the STOP/RUN switch is in the ON position.

Q: I am trying to set the Trim on a motorcycle and it doesn't accept the changes or the changes make no sense? What's going on?

A: If the motorcycle you are working on has O2 sensors, the tool has no way of knowing this since the ECU might also be used in other motorcycles without O2 sensors. The function is 'alive', but you should know not to use it if your motorcycle has O2 sensors. Only with certain ECUs will you be able to set your Trim if it "had" O2 sensors and you are now using a "Racing Only" ECU.