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Mark Harrel of Mobile Dynamometer
Click here to learn more about Mobile Dynamometer. Mark Harrel of Mobile Dynamometer tells why and how he uses Direct Link (Flash-Tuner) Mark, with 40 years experience, offers his view of Direct Link (Flash-Tuner) from TechnoResearch. When asked which tool is best, Mark said: "hands down, the Direct Link (Flash-Tuner) by TechnoResearch....it's an awesome tuner ...the only product to use." He goes on to describe how he uses this premium motorcycle tuning tool both on site and via remote Internet connection. "I can tune your bike from anywhere."
Motor City Harley Davidson
Click here to learn more about Motor City Harley Davidson. Explains the benefits of Direct Link (Flash-Tuner) from TechnoResearch Scott Wilson, Tom Cilani & Mark Hyder of Motor City Harley Davidson, Farmington Hills, MI talk about why they prefer Direct Link (Flash-Tuner).